Vettel: Let’s try to rectify the situation by Saturday

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Ferrari continues to struggle, with both riders on the Italian team pointing out that the car is difficult to drive, lacks speed on the straights and grip when entering corners. However, there is hope that some improvement will be achieved by Saturday’s qualification.

Charles Leclair (9th): “I think we expected the results to be slightly worse in qualifying mode, although we expected that we would still look better on the long series of laps.

Definitely, it will be necessary to add to the race, otherwise we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation. In training, we had problems with both balance and rubber degradation during a series of laps with a large fuel load, so there is a lot of work ahead.

When the car is fully fueled, it is very difficult to fly, which is why I say that we still have to work hard, but I am sure that a solution will be found and we will be able to improve the situation. Our task is to be as competitive as possible both in qualification and in the race, but in terms of the racing pace, the day was far from the best.

Hopefully, on Saturday we will be able to reach the final session, although, if we really think about it, we do not have enough speed for this. “

Sebastian Vettel (12th): “The results are partly due to the characteristics of Monza, partly to our car, but they are what they are. During the time that we have at our disposal, we will try to achieve some improvements until tomorrow.

The car is difficult to drive, we lose on straights, which could have been foreseen, we lack grip when entering corners, and the car slips heavily on all four wheels. In general, her behavior leaves a lot to be desired, so it is very difficult to piece together a good circle. But we will try to correct the situation by qualification.

The degradation of rubber is very strong, but everything is in equal conditions. This is partly due to the high tire pressure with which we are forced to drive, which also does not help. In my opinion, this pressure is much higher than what is suitable for tires. But of course we have to follow the rules.

In the race, we will have to be difficult. We have to fight with many cars, because we will find ourselves in the middle of the peloton – this is not at all like driving in front of a good car when there is a free track in front of you. But we will worry about this on Sunday, but for now we have to worry about tomorrow’s qualifications. I hope we will be able to achieve some improvement, because it will help us in the race. ”



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