Vettel: I would be a Hamilton teammate Lead

Sebastian Vettel, who left Ferrari at the end of the year, will continue his career at Racing Point, then Aston Martin, in 2021, although an interview with the Italian Corriere dello Sport revealed he was also preparing to retire before receiving an offer.

“I was thinking about finishing my career, but I still have something to offer, and Aston Martin’s offer came at the best time. I have also known Lawrence Stroll and Otmar Szafnauer for a long time. I was asked in the paddock if I would like to contract there, so it started. It’s no secret, ”said the 33-year-old German.

Although the four-time world champion recently said “love is over” with Ferrari, he doesn’t want to say bad things to the Italian team:

“I don’t want to point the Ferrari at all – I’m sitting in the car, that’s my attitude since I was 16 years old. 2017 was my best Ferrari. The timer still lacked a little strength, but we were often ahead of the Mercedes in the races. There were good times, they were bad. ”

Red Bull Max Verstappen recently claimed that 90% of drivers would be able to win just as much as Lewis Hamilton if he sat in a Mercedes. Vettel disagrees.

“It’s hard to say how appropriate this is. The Mercedes car is sure to be great and the team is incredibly strong and Lewis is enjoying the fruits of it. Some of the contestants would certainly be successful in Hamilton’s place. But we also have to admit that Lewis is successful every weekend, that’s his main strength. ”

For a short time before his contract with Aston Martin, it didn’t seem out of the question for Vettel to go to Mercedes – he would go if he could.

“I wouldn’t say no if I had the opportunity to drive at Mercedes. At the moment, no pilot would say no to them, and I would be ready to fight Lewis there. Obviously he should be asked, but I think he would be happy to be my teammate too. We respect each other. ”

Source: Corriere dello Sport

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