‘Very disappointed’ Robben in anticipation of serious groin injury

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Arjen Robben sustained a groin injury on Sunday during FC Groningen’s home match against PSV (1-3). Monday or Tuesday it should become clear how serious the injury is to the 36-year-old attacker, who made his official return as a professional football player.

‘Discuss with Robben how he is responsible’

After half an hour of play, Robben collided unhappily with PSV player Pablo Rosario and made a gesture to the side that he had to be replaced. He then left, upset, towards the dressing room and then quickly home.

“I understand that completely. He has been working towards this for so long and when it ends like this, then I understand that it is very emotional for himself. He was extremely frustrated and disappointed”, said FC Groningen coach Danny Buijs afterwards.

“I dare not say how serious the situation is, because I have not spoken to him again. We have to wait the next days. If it falls, then you know that it is wrong. Let’s hope it is not too bad. “

Arjen Robben takes off his shirt and takes off his captain’s armband before heading towards the locker room. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Robben ended his career last year and announced his return at the end of June. He also struggled with some aches and pains in the preparation, which meant he had to miss a number of exhibition games.

Buijs did not want to speculate about his future. “We will first see how much time there is for the recovery and then discuss with him how he is doing it. It is not wise to do that now, while the emotions play a major role.”

Robben made a total of 75 minutes in the two exhibition matches in which he did participate and scored against Arminia Bielefeld last week. He played an official match for FC Groningen against his old club PSV for the first time since 2002.




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