In addition to Finland, the first snow has also fallen in parts of Sweden over the weekend. Swedish media reported that the first Pyry of the autumn has even caused “snow chaos” in northern Sweden.

SVT according to several flights have had to return to their places of departure due to a snowstorm.

For example, three flights en route from Stockholm to Luleå had to turn on their heels.

– Very challenging weather, which has not resulted in sufficient braking values ​​for the track. The weather is snowy, windy and close to zero, says the director of Luleå Airport Aftonbladetille.

Several flights to and from Luleå have also been canceled. Luleå is located in the province of Norrbotten, on the western shore of the Bay of Bothnia in northern Sweden.

– It is simply difficult for the planes to stay on the runway, says SVT’s supplier at the local airport.

In addition to air traffic, snowfall has also caused problems on the roads. According to SVT, there have been several traffic accidents in northern Sweden on Sunday.

However, no accidents known to have resulted in death or serious injury have occurred.

Women’s Allsvenskan football match canceled due to a snowstorm.