Verstappen: Why would Hamilton come to Red Bull?

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This week, former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan, who loved to comment on Mercedes affairs, talked about Lewis Hamilton being able to transfer to Red Bull instead of an overtime.

In Sochi, energy drink maker star pilot Max Verstappen was also asked about the idea, but the Dutch don’t really see the logic in it.

“I only care about one thing, winning the world title,” he replied to the question of whether he would support the arrival of a seven-time world champion soon.

When he was asked once more, he responded, “Well, why would you come here? He also wants to win a championship, so do I. He tried to be on the best team and is currently there on the best team in terms of the league title. Of course we’ll see what happens. ”

Hamilton could catch top Michael Schumacher in the number of victories over the weekend as he reaches par with German legend by the end of the year in terms of league success. Asked what it was like to compete against such a successful pilot, Verstappen replied:

“It’s very nice to win so many races and titles. But I don’t really deal with that, I just focus on myself. I don’t care who I have to race against, how many race wins or championship titles he has. ”

Source: Autosport

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