Verstappen – Hamilton penalty too low. Cheering at the end is not sportmanlike

Max Verstappen feels that the ten-second penalty for Lewis Hamilton’s infraction at Silverstone is not fair. Hamilton’s behaviour after the British GP is not acceptable to the Limburger. Verstappen called the reaction of Hamilton’s title rival “disrespectful, unsportsmanlike”.

Verstappen looked like he was doing a great job at Silverstone this weekend. By winning the sprint race, Verstappen increased his lead in Saturday’s World Cup to 33. A day later, however, a touché with Hamilton abruptly ended the success story in England. Briton sent Verstappen at great speed to the tire stacks and had to contend with an impact of 51G. Red Bull’s driver was logically required to visit the hospital and then the medical center for a CT scan.

“Punishment doesn’t help us at any cost”

Hamilton, however, was not penalized and won the race for his countrymen. Verstappen was the one who felt unfairly treated in Red Bull’s camp. “First, let me say that I am okay. It was quite an impact with 51G but I’m already feeling better,” Verstappen stated via social media. “I am obviously very disappointed that my race was canceled. The penalty we were handed is not fair and doesn’t do justice to Lewis’s dangerous actions on the track.

Verstappen cannot approve of the opponent’s reaction. Hamilton was wildly exuberant with British fans, and claimed he wasn’t aware of any harm. “I saw the cheering coming from the hospital after a race, and that was disrespectful and unsportsmanlike. We will keep going.”

Hamilton asks Verstappen to contact him about his physical condition

Hamilton already displayed a bit more empathy after the podium festivities. The reigning world champion stated, “I have heard Max is in the hospital. That is obviously never the intention.” This is extremely unfortunate. Hamilton, among others, stated that he would love to call him to see if he is The Mercedes driver is not sorry for his actions. “If there’s a gap, as a driver, you have to take it.” It’s very unfortunate, but it is not something I regret.

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