Verstappen can leave the hospital. “Everything is fine.”

Max Verstappen doesn’t have to be in the hospital anymore. Red Bull Formula 1 driver Max Vertappen has declared on Twitter that tests have confirmed that he is healthy.

On Sunday, the Grand Prix of Great Britain had just half an hour before Max Verstappen crashed into Copse’s tire stacks. The 23-year old Dutchman received a tap on his right rear wheel as he entered the fast right corner. Lewis Hamilton tried to pass him on the inside, but Verstappen was unable to keep up with him. The fourteen-time Grand Prix winner shot off the track at high speed due to the touché, after which he ended up in the track barrier with a solid blow. Because the tire stacks were damaged, the incident resulted into a long code red.

Verstappen had 51 G to contend with at the impact. It was the worst crash of his career. After the accident, the championship leader was able to get out of the RB16B’s cockpit by himself. He was then helped from the car by Ian Roberts (FIA doctor). After the accident, he was taken to the Medical Center at the track for a preliminary checkup. Verstappen was then transferred by helicopter to Coventry’s hospital for further examinations. After a thorough medical examination, Verstappen was released from the hospital at around 11 p.m. Dutch. Christian Horner from Red Bull said that Verstappen was black and blue, while father Jos described a painful shoulder.

Verstappen failed at Silverstone for the second time this season. He had previously crashed into the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with a tire blowout a month earlier. Hamilton received a ten second time penalty for the incident that occurred on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. This penalty had to be paid at the beginning of Hamilton’s time penalty. The seven-time world champion still managed to win, leaving Verstappen just eight points behind the Mercedes driver. Verstappen did not like Hamilton’s celebration of victory with British fans. The race was in front packed stands. Verstappen let it be known that he found the exuberant joy of Hamilton’s title rival ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unsportsmanlike’.

F1 Update: Heavy crash Verstappen; stewards too mild for Hamilton


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