Lewis Hamilton is one weekend away from getting his seventh Formula 1 World Championship, after Mercedes already tied his in the previous GP. The British is very clear about his accounts, and except for a debacle, in Turkey he will be able to equal the mark of Michael sSchumacher.

Like the German at Ferrari, much of the responsibility for his success is due to the enormous dominance of his team, especially this year with a W11 even higher than in previous years. So much so that there are many voices that point out that Hamilton’s victories are due only to the car in hand and not to his own qualities.

The last to join that stream was Max Verstappen. The Dutchman, who has confirmed himself as the only one able to keep up with them with his Red Bull, has been eloquent in his words: “I have a lot of respect for what they have achieved. I am not frustrated to see Lewis in Mercedes but, to be honest, 90% of the grid could win with that car. I have nothing against Lewis, he’s a great pilot, but the car is very dominant“admits the Dutch in the official F1 media.

Seeing what he had said (90% of the grid are 18 drivers, and not all would dominate with the iron hand of the British), Verstappen qualifies. “Others may not be as dominant as Lewis, but you accept the situation you find yourself in and try to make the best of it. I’m not frustrated, I’m rather focused in what we can do to try to defeat them “, ditch about it.

Verstappen occupies the third position of the World Cup, with 162 points, 120 less than Hamilton and 35 less than Bottas, with whom he is fighting for the runner-up of this 2020.