Venezuela’s gold in London is not for Juan Guaidó, says British Justice

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In July, a ruling awarded the bullion to Maduro’s rival. This Monday, a new ruling annulled it. Justice wants to know with which Venezuelan leader the kingdom has relations.

The London Court of Appeals annulled the ruling of July 2 that granted the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, control over gold of Venezuela deposited in the United Kingdom.

In a ruling issued this Monday, the court has ruled in favor of the appeal filed against that decision by the board of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) appointed by President Nicolás Maduro -chaired by Calixto Ortega-, which claim reservations guarded by the Bank of England (BoE).

In their ruling, Justices Kim Lewison, Stephen Males, and Stephen Phillips refer the case back to the Commercial and Property division of the Superior Court so that “investigate” Who does the British Government really recognize as president of Venezuela, if Maduro or Guaidó?

The position of the British State, disputed by the parties, is at the center of this dispute, since it determines who is the authority competent to access the 31 gold bars, valued at 1.3 billion dollars.

The Court of Appeals rejects that the Government of the United Kingdom has recognized “unequivocally” Guaidó as head of State in Venezuela, as maintained in this process by the BCV board appointed by the opponent, chaired by Ricardo Villasmil.

Instead, it coincides with the position of the Maduro-appointed board that, although it could recognize Guaidó in a political statement in February 2019, “de facto” deals with the Maduro Administration, with which it maintains diplomatic relations.

After the ruling issued this Monday, the Superior Court must now investigate this aspect, before being able to advance in this process and eventually with the demand to access the gold, which the Maduro Executive claims to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in its country.




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