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The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, assured this Sunday that a Chinese vaccine will arrive in the Caribbean country “in the next few days” for phase 3 of tests, in which “thousands of volunteers” will participate, although it did not specify which of the four that are taking place in the Asian country.

“In the next few days, the Chinese vaccine will arrive in Venezuela, it will arrive for phase 3 (…) and it will comply with its protocols to place it on thousands of volunteers who have emerged,” Maduro said during a government act on the evolution of the pandemic.

Four Chinese vaccines are currently in phase 3 clinical trials -among a total of nine in the world-, although one of the remaining five is part of a consortium formed by the Chinese Fosun Pharma, the German Biontech and the American Pfizer.

The four totally Chinese are those of Sinovac, Sinopharm, the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Cansino Biologics, which began to be used in late June in the Chinese Army.

Maduro did not detail which of these vaccines is the one that will arrive in Venezuela, although he showed his hopes that there will be one on the market for the second quarter of 2021.

In this sense, he assured that “the vaccine will be guaranteed to all Venezuelans” and that it will be “totally free.”

Venezuela received on October 2 a first batch with 2,000 doses of the Russian vaccine against the new coronavirus, Sputnik V, which will help the Caribbean country participate in phase 3 of its development.

On August 15, Russia began producing its first vaccine against COVID-19, dubbed Sputnik V and which has been received with suspicion by the international scientific community due to the speed of the trials and the little information about the drug.

About the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Venezuela, the ruler reiterated that they have managed to “flatten the curve” of contagion, since “there is a slow but sustained downward trend”.

He also assured that he will maintain the system that he calls 7 + 7 through which a week of total quarantine is programmed, which is followed by another of partial relaxation of the economy.

In this sense, he assured that they have asked him if this system will end before Christmas with a total return to normality, to which he affirmed that “I would prefer not to” be like this and to keep the 7 + 7 “with new flexibilities” because that is how , he stressed, they keep “the coronavirus at bay.”

The head of state also compared the situation in other countries where quarantines have been reversed such as the United Kingdom, Italy or Spain and assured that “they backfired.”



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