Venezuela: the opposition criticizes that the Prosecutor’s Office has not investigated the cases of torture denounced by the UN

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“They are recognizing that there were massive human rights violations, that in Venezuela there is a systematic policy of persecution,” but no one investigates, said Freddy Guevara, an opposition leader.

The Venezuelan opposition criticized that the Prosecutor’s Office, controlled by Chavismo, has not investigated the chain of command behind torture cases that he has recognized, after the report of a United Nations International Mission on human rights violations in the country was published.

“They are recognizing in principle that there were massive violations of human rights (…) that in Venezuela there is a systematic policy of persecution and annihilation against everything that opposes the dictatorial regime, “said the deputy at a press conference. Freddy guevara on behalf of the formations that signed the so-called “unitary pact”.

The bloc, made up, according to the legislator, of 38 political organizations – which to date had numbered 37 – that have refused to participate in the legislative elections scheduled for December 6 for considering them fraudulent, points out that the UN report marks “a before and after in the history of Venezuela”.

Guevara, who did not specify which party or formation has recently joined to see the initial figure increase, believes that the statements offered on Saturday by the attorney general, Tarek Saab, and the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, in rejection of the mission’s report of the UN have been, instead, a confirmation on these complaints.

The prosecutor “recognized that they have accused people of torture” and this crime, argued the deputy, “implies investigate chain of command“.

“That chain of command then, why haven’t they investigated any of them? Almost a thousand police officers they engaged in torturing, to chase and kill because they wanted to, because they all suddenly coordinated, “he questioned.

Guevara insisted that the report “it’s not more of the same”Rather, it constitutes a step “for the achievement of justice” against the Government of Nicolás Maduro, whom they brand as dictatorial.

Saab assured on Saturday that since 2017 the Prosecutor’s Office has filed 565 accusations against State security officials for alleged human rights violations.

The prosecutor criticized the methodology with which the report in question was constructed by pointing out that “serious mistake” the fact that they did not come to Venezuela “to investigate absolutely nothing on the ground” but rather that the inquiries and interviews were made from abroad.

Arreaza, for his part, qualified as “monument to war propaganda” the report, according to which President Nicolás Maduro and other high-ranking authorities of the country have committed crimes against humanity.

The International Mission, commissioned by the UN to investigate the situation in Venezuela, has concluded that Maduro and his Interior and Defense ministers are involved in serious crimes committed by the country’s security forces.

In this context, the United States announced punitive measures against Nicolás Maduro imposed under a “UN” authority contested by the rest of the world, and demanded that Europe do the same.

The government of Donald Trump appointed 27 persons or entities that said they would be subject to sanctions “from the UN”, but the multilateral organization itself says that the decision does not depend on Washington.

“The United States has reinstated the UN sanctions against Iran,” Trump said in a statement.

Source EFE and AFP



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