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Venezuela on Monday rejected the imposition of new sanctions against the Iranian Defense Ministry and the president of the Caribbean country, Nicolas Maduro, on the part of the United States and has reaffirmed its “right” to establish “economic and commercial” relations with Tehran.

In a statement, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has denounced what it has branded as “new aggression” by the US government, “as part of a sustained campaign of aggression against Iran, Venezuela and, fundamentally, against the entire multilateral system of the United Nations.”

Pompeo reported this Monday on the new sanctions in a new move to put greater pressure on the Iranian government.

In addition, it has warned that anyone who “Violate the United Nations embargo on Iran, risk being sanctioned”. “These actions today must be heard around the world,” he said during a press conference.

On Saturday, the Administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced the imposition of sanctions unilaterally under the so-called ‘snapback’ mechanism, included in the 2015 nuclear agreement that Washington abandoned in 2018.

This action took place despite the fact that the Security Council of the UN refused to extend the embargo imposed on Tehran. For 12 of the 15 countries that make up the Security Council, Washington has no right to impose this measure now, having abandoned the agreement.

However, Pompeo has gone ahead and assured that “if any member of the UN fails to comply with its obligations in relation to sanctions, the United States will be prepared to use its authority.”

In the opinion of the portfolio led by Jorge Arreaza, the unilateral imposition of sanctions by the United States against Iran is another “attempt to ignore the institutionality of the United Nations.

“This new action against multilateralism confirms that the ruling elite of the United States has no respect for joint decisions, necessary to preserve international peace and security,” he criticized.

Thus, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has taken the opportunity to ratify its “irreducible commitment” to the United Nations and their “adherence” to the decisions taken “legally and collectively” within the body.

In addition, he has assured that “no intimidating and arrogant action by the United States Government will prevent it from exercising its sovereign right to establish economic and commercial relations freely with Iran and with any state, within the framework of the regulations that govern and regulate international trade.” .

After hearing the decision of Washington, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have warned that the announcement of the United States about returning to imposing sanctions has no “legal effect”, given that the country withdrew in 2018 from the nuclear agreement. Russia, another of the signatory countries to the agreement and Iran’s main ally on the international scene, has also rejected the step taken by Washington.

For his part, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, has indicated that the organization will not take action against Iran along the lines requested by the United States because there is no consensus in the UN Security Council.



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