Venezuela rejects Michelle Bachelet’s report and accuses her of attacking the right “to a free election”

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Nicolás Maduro’s regime denied that there are obstacles to opposition parties for the December 6 legislative elections.

The Vice President of Communication of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, accused Michelle Bachelet on Friday of attacking the country’s right “to a free election”, after the harsh report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in which he denounced obstructions to the opposition parties for the legislative December 6.

“Mrs. Bachelet, you, as always, running the errand and attacking the right of Venezuelans to a free election without interference: will it do any good to tell you that 107 parties, 98 of them opposition, are attending the 6D elections? and more than 14,000 candidates? “Rodríguez wrote on his Twitter account.

However, the minister did not explain in his tweets that several of these parties that will stand for election will do so with a board of directors imposed by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), after being intervened by the National Electoral Council (CNE), both bodies indicated as not being impartial due to their proximity to Chavismo.

Bachelet expressed his concern on Friday in his report on Venezuela to the UN Human Rights Council for “the decisions of the Supreme Court, which obstruct the freedom of selection of the representatives of seven political parties, and the non-consensual appointment of the members of the Electoral Council “.

He also expressed his doubts about the composition of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) “without an inclusive process of prior consultation” and asked the government of Nicolás Maduro to continue working to “achieve conditions for the development of credible, free and equitable electoral processes. “.

The TSJ has judicially intervened several parties, including three of the most important of the opposition, such as Popular Will (VP), headed by Leopoldo López; Primero Justicia (PJ), of which Henrique Capriles is a member, and the social democrat Acción Democrática (AD).

This judicial measure implies that the leadership of the parties was handed over to former militants expelled from the formations and whom their former colleagues accuse of having been bribed.

These new leaders may have the emblems, colors and names of the parties, so they will go to the elections despite the fact that the leaders have decided not to appear in elections that they consider “a sham” and “a fraud”.

The measure has also been extended to parties traditionally allied to Chavismo such as Patria Para Todos (PPT) and the Unified Tendencies to Reach the Organized Revolutionary Action Movement (Tupamaro), among others.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court suspended PJ’s legal intervention in a precautionary manner, although the leaders of that party maintained their decision not to go to the elections.

Faced with this situation, Rodríguez affirmed in his reply to Bachelet that of the 14,000 candidates registered for the elections, “more than 13,000 are the opposition.”

“Venezuela has an automated, safe and efficient electoral system, certified by the Carter Center and the EU (European Union),” Rodríguez said.

Rodríguez also asked Bachelet to go to “accompany the people of Venezuela in the election Constitutional Court on December 6 “and wondered why it does not.

“Is it against the plans of (US President Donald) Trump and his satellites to attack an election that is much more efficient than those that, for example, will be held in the US on November 3?”

That is why he encouraged Bachelet to go to Venezuela and “look at the strengths” of the Venezuelan electoral system, as well as “do not be afraid of the truth.”

In the report presented by the former president of Chile, which updates the one presented to the same council in July, it is also denounced “the high number of deaths of young people in slums as a result of security operations“and reports more than 2,000 murders of this type so far this year, 711 of them between June and August, accusations to which Rodríguez did not respond.


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