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The opposition leader called for “breaking the inertia.” And he harangued: “We cannot stand idly by.”

The opposition leader and former presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, affirmed this Friday that the parliamentarians of next December 6 in Venezuela are a “toll to pass“to advance on the path of political change demanded by the country.

“December 6 is a toll that we cannot ignore. The objective is to overcome the economic and social crisis but the Constitution says that after 5 years you have to choose a new National Assembly, “he said.

The former governor also insisted that “we must fight for minimum conditions to rescue the force of the vote,” because “we are not going to give (Nicolás) Maduro like we did in 2005 to (Hugo) Chávez that National Assembly “.

“That National Assembly is going to continue to elect powers, even if they have annulled it in the past. We would have been worse off because we would never have achieved legitimacy, or the international community pressing,” he said.

Capriles insisted that “if we do not fight the argument of the regime it will be simple, the opposition did not want to participate and therefore gave away the National Assembly“.

In this sense, he stated that “it is necessary break inertia in which we find ourselves “because the truth is that” there was a strategy and it ran out. “

“We cannot stay crossed arms repeating a mantra that we know was not given. It is a serious mistake to continue extending it, to do politics far from reality and it is not a criticism of someone, “she said.

In addition, he commented that in Venezuela “each election is a fight because we do not have a democracy”, and that this is a “very complex moment because people feel that their vote has not allowed them to achieve what they wanted.”

“You have to build a theory of change. If Maduro does not understand that there must be minimum conditions in the parliamentarians, he will be alone in his process. What if I don’t agree is to surrender without fighting, “he said.

He also pointed out that “giving Maduro the National Assembly” would mean giving an authoritarian regime a power so that it ends up being totalitarian, “and that all the windows are closed and we stay on social networks.”

Likewise, he stated that “abstention does not generate changes nor can we say that the international community alone has achieved change or that the sanctions removed Maduro from power. “

“We need a political event that brings us together, that allows us to sit at a table to generate agreements. We must open our eyes because there are things that are happening,” he said.

Capriles stressed that for the first time in 14 years the European Union is invited as international observers, and “if the regime has taken that step, it must be aware of what it means.”

“If the EU decides to come, that changes the process of the parliamentarians and if Maduro wants to do fraud again, simply the EU in situ is going to say that these elections are a fraud and a new stage begins, but never the opposition losing legitimacy over the based on having surrendered without having fought, “he said in an interview with a local radio station.

Capriles moved the board of the opposition led by the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, calling for participation in the legislative controversies.

His position contrasts with that of Guaidó, recognized as interim president by more than 50 countries, who consolidated a “unitary pact” with 37 political parties and more than a hundred civil organizations, in which they agreed not to participate in the electoral “fraud” and call a popular consultation in Venezuela.



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