Velez won the classic against Nueva Chicago with a goal against and the brilliance of Ricky Centurión on his return

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The good news for the team led by Mauricio Pellegrino was the return of the former Racing and Boca midfielder, who returned to play after 7 months without football between pandemic and injuries.

Velez he won the classic against New Chicago on the morning of this Wednesday, at the Olympic Village, in Ituzaingó, where this preparatory match was played, which had little friendliness for the fans. Gastón Bojanich, from Bull of Mataderos, was the author – against his fence – of the only goal of the match, which It changed completely from the entry of Ricardo Centurión in the Fortín Velezano.

After a first half in which the Liniers team had the ball and Mataderos the best situations, Pellegrino kicked the board and made 11 changes. Among them that of Ricky Centurión, who returned to play after seven months without football between a pandemic and muscle injuries.

Lying on the left first, and on the right later, he became a problemón for the defense of the team Yagui Rubén Darío Forestello, who had made a very good first half of the friendly. Half an hour of football was enough for Centurión to become the figure of the classic neighborhood.

It was from former Racing and Boca, for example, the center that ended in 1-0 at Fortín. After stepping on it and threatening Rafael Barrios “from here to there”, looked left-handed for the head of Bouzat, who nodded across. It was not a goal of Chiqui why the ball hit Bojanich’s arm and changed direction towards the goal, but it still ended up inside and gave Vélez the advantage that would be decisive.

Chicago had Alejandro Melo the most dangerous footballer on the team, although he lacked company. The bad news for Forestello’s is the injury to Horacio Martínez, who had to leave the court due to a muscular discomfort: he left with ice in the adductor area.

Thus, Vélez added another victory in this preparatory stage for the formal start of the competition, which still has no date.

Velez: Lucas Holes; Tomás Guidara, Emiliano Amor, Lautaro Giannetti, Tomás Cavanagh; Facundo Perrone, Pablo Galdames, Ricardo Álvarez; Lucas Janson, Juan Lucero and Guido Mainero. DT: Mauricio Pellegrino.

Chicago: Adrián Peralta; Rafael Barrios, Enzo Lettieri, Gastón Bojanich, Alan Lorenzo; Emiliano Telechea, Alejandro Altuna, Agustín Verdugo; Alejandro Melo, Alejandro Aranda and Daniel González. DT: Rubén Darío Forestello.

Goals: ST 6 ‘Bojanich -e / c- (V).

Changes: Vélez completely changed the team and in the second half he formed with Perrone; De La Fuente, Fernández, Brizuela, Ortega; Pittón, Enrique, Caseres; Centurión, Tarragona and Bouzat. ST 29 ‘Lucas Orellano for Centurión and Patricio Pernicone for Brizuela (V). In Chicago: ST Horacio Martínez for Aranda, 5 ‘Julián Cosi for Telechea, 10’ Facundo Castillón for Melo, 25 ‘Melo for Castillón (who was injured), 33’ Alan Minaglia for Peralta.

Admonished: PT 31′ Cavanagh (V).​

Court: Olympic Village (local Vélez).



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