Vatican admits cover-up of pedophile cardinal Theodor Edgar McCarrick

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The cardinal deceived three popes, several bishops were reluctant to admit their sexual abuse and now, 20 years later, Jorge bergoglio He has a report published that reveals for the first time the history of some events that made him face a request for his resignation. What the document 455 pages of the Vatican Secretariat of State are the complicities with which the Cardinal Theodor Edgar McCarrick, 90 years old, both in the US and in the Vatican, for his homosexual status and his crimes of pedophilia. The Vatican has waited for the elections in the US to pass to publish the report referring to the cardinal, close to the US Republicans and to President Donald Trump himself.

The Papa has renewed the Church’s commitment to “eradicate” from its bosom “the evil” of sexual abuse after the publication of the “painful” report about him excardenal Theodore Edgar McCarrick, convicted of abuse and expelled from the priesthood in 2019. “The painful report of the McCarrick case has been published. I renew my closeness to the victims of all abuse and the commitment of the Church to eradicate this evil,” the pontiff declared at the hearing. Wednesday general.

The deception that saved for 20 years former Archbishop of Washington, reduced in 2018 to a simple layman by Pope Francis – the first case of his pontificate – was a letter sent in 2000 by McCarrick to the then secretary of John Paul II, Stanislaw Dziwisz. In it he wrote: “During the 70 years of my life, I have never had sexual relations with anyone, nor have I abused another person, male or female, young or old, clergyman or layman, or treated them with disrespect & rdquor; .

Degraded to lay

Francisco He demoted him to a simple layman when he was certain that the cardinal had abused minors, the letter states. The reason that it was not done earlier, according to the document, was that until 2017 there were many rumors about Archbishop McCarrick, “but no one had provided any proof of his guilt.” Given that the rumors, the anonymous complaints and even the reports from the Vatican nunciature (embassy) in the US did not reveal conclusive facts, “Francis considered that the accusations had already been examined (and rejected) by John Paul II and that Benedict XVI had not it had made no decision in this regard, so it did not see the need to change the line adopted in previous years. “

Everything changed when Carlo Maria Vigano, exnuncio in the United States, a friend and supporter of Trump, publicly accused the newly elected Argentine Pope of not having Wactuado immediately “after reading a report that he sent him on McCarrick. Viganò asked for the Pope’s resignation and dragged the more rancid conservative hierarchies in that country.

The icurrent report It has taken two years of investigations into “Uncle Ted”, as he was called by his victims or bedmates. For example, it contains up to 90 interviews with people who were able to learn the facts.

In it it is related that John Paul II requested reports on the one who would appoint bishop in four dioceses and cardinal, but that both in the Vatican and in the United States, no one saw the gravity of the situation, beyond anonymous accusations. Except those of John Joseph O’Connor, Archbishop of New York, which were not anonymous but explicit. John Paul II stopped McCarrick’s successive appointments until McCarrick sent the letter denying any accusations.

The cardinal’s “grandchildren”

Benedict XVI it continued in the vein of its predecessor until 2006 when, in the face of new, more detailed accusations, it called for McCarrick’s “spontaneous” resignation. Joseph Ratzinger and his secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone faced the situation, but found no “proven accusations” and did not open a formal internal process. Perhaps a mistake paid with a high price, because the current report provides the evidence on the homosexual activity of the former cardinal, prohibited for Catholic clergy, and the abuses on which the ecclesiastic called “my grandchildren.”

The second affected by the story is the cardenal Stanislaw Dziwisz, who was personal secretary of Pope John Paul II. A recently released documentary, which curiously coincides with the publication of the Vatican report, illustrates that Dziwisz “covered up pedophiles in exchange for money” and that he hid from the Pope “the accusations against Father Maciel (founder of the Legionaries of Christ) and of McCarrick “.

The arzobispo Stanislaw Gadecki, President of the Polish Episcopal Conference, has asked the Vatican for a commission of inquiry into the former secretary of Karol Wojtya. According to the files in the Vatican, “there will be cloth for a while.”



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