This Saturday, a lot of runners have been bustling in the street scene of Helsinki, as the Helsinki Half Marathon event started in the morning. The sneaker in front of the other in the event has been put by the presenter Vappu Pimi with his friend, news anchor Kirsi Alm-Siira. The women have run more than 21 miles.

Dark says on Instagram 12 years ago, he ran his first half marathon and then four more, but he has been away for ten years.

According to Alm-Siira, Pimiä had been incited to the running event. The women have been training together since the spring.

– Today I jolkoteltiin Helsinki, half marathon and was conducted by such a hard time to take to the road without a goal, but I decided that if I’m happy, but I get to the finish and we päästiinhän! Dark to write.

– I ordered a runner for us‘s highn at 16km, but this time the universe did not respond to the request. The run was neither easy nor easy, but it was run through! At the finish line, the clock stopped at 2.23, at which such a 42-year-old Sunday jogger with two children can be very pleased! The dark ones rejoice.

The final time of darkness is not far from the half marathon he ran in 2009. At that time, his time was 2 hours and 21 minutes.

Pimiä and Alm-Siira pose in sweat photos after the sweat wet, but happily with participation medals around their necks.

In addition to the pictures, Pimi thanks Alm-Siira and makes him the best champion and running friend in the world.