Pau Gasol and Cat McDonnell became parents of a girl who they have baptized as Elisabet Gianna Gasol, in honor of ‘Gigi’, Kobe Bryant’s daughter who died alongside him in the tragic helicopter crash.

This detail of the couple, in addition to showing the deep affection he has for the family of the one who was like his brother, has not stopped there. Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s widow, has confessed that They have asked her to be the godmother of the little girl.

“My goddaughter is here! Congratulations Pau Gasol and Cat McDonnell. I love you all very much! Very moved by your request to honor my Gigi. I am looking forward to catching Elisabet Gianna Gasol,” he wrote on instagram.

Pau Gasol has been one of the main supporters of Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s daughters since his death. The one in Sant Boi has turned to helping the family. Not only has he spent part of his vacation with them, but he goes to visit them whenever he can.

Bianka, Natalia y Capri They have become very fond of a Gasol whom they consider their uncle and who now, with the birth of Elisabet Gianna, has given them a cousin.