Vanessa Bryant, widow of late NBAK star Be Bryant, has reported to the Los Angeles sheriff and his department, for the photos that some of his agents took and shared without authorization or professional purposes. The lawsuit has been registered in local courts and published last Tuesday.

The complaint considers that the behavior of the agents in question was a invasion of privacy that generated emotional stress, being outside the professional limits.

“No fewer than eight officers present at the crash site took out their personal devices and took photos of the dead children, parents and coaches. The agents took these photos for their own personal gratification“, says the complaint.

Similarly, remember that the images were later shared by agents outside the investigation circle, something prohibited within the police scope and that is even considered a crime.

Beyond Vanessa Bryant’s complaint, last February a waiter put a complaint to the police department after ‘hunting’ an investigative agent sharing the images with his companion, also outside the scope of the investigation. In reference to this issue, the Los Angeles Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, admitted the existence of the images and ordered their destruction.

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However, Bryant denounces that this investigation was never opened. “Villanueva did not take any of the actions that a reasonable supervisor would take (much less a highly trained professional researcher) to prevent the dissemination of harmful photos … it cannot be ruled out that the photos will surface on the internet, “the lawsuit explains.

The chairman of the Sheriff’s Oversight Commission, Patti Giggans, also wanted to refer to what happened, crossing out those involved as “unprofessional” and having “regrettable behavior”.