Van Persie acquires a villa for a well-known millionaire.

Robin van Persie has paid a substantial amount to purchase a large villa in Rotterdam’s chic district of Hillegersberg. The home belonged to Michel Perridon who was also a Feyenoord supporter. Van Persie spent 6.5 million euros on the spacious accommodation in his hometown.

Perridon declares, “I am very proud” as a reaction to Thursday’s events General Newspaper. “It’s amazing to think that I can sell my house and give it to one of our greatest football players here in Rotterdam. He’s also a very beautiful man. He tells the Dutch all-time top scorer, “I’m sure he’ll have very good times there, just as I have had,”.

Perridon was introduced to Van Persie by a mutual friend. “I wanted it to go, as my children have moved out and my house is too large. Robin was looking for a place to call home. Robin came to take a look and loved it. I am always careful with my stuff. We were out the next day,” the businessman said. He will be living in the coach house near Villa Welgelegen, Rotterdam. Perridon had the building renovated in recent years for millions of Euros.

Trust was established by Perridon back in 1983. Since then, Trust has become a major player for hardware accessories. In 2018, Perridon sold Trust to Egeria, an investment company. The multimillionaire has made numerous investments in businesses and enterprises since then. Perridon currently ranks 125th in the Quote 500 with a net worth of approximately 350 million euros. He is also famous for his television program. Dragons DenYoung and beginning entrepreneurs can compete for investments from one or more millionaires.


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