Northern Irish musician Van Morrison lashes out at the British Government, the scientific community and celebrities with three new issues in which he calls for “freedom of choice” and demands an end to restrictions to contain Covid-19.

In one of those songs No More Lockdown (No more confinement), released today, the 75-year-old Belfast singer-songwriter regrets that the current rules designed by the Executive to try to contain the pandemic “enslave” to the citizens.

In the lyrics of this controversial theme, the veteran artist, author of classics such as Moondance The Brown Eyed Girl, describes as “fascist bullies” those who “disturb our peace.”

“The new normal is not normal. We were born to be free”, sings the composer to the astonishment of some, who consider those letters “dangerous” in the current context, as the Secretary of State for Health of Northern Ireland, Robin Swann, told the BBC.

Van Morrison during a concert. PHOTO: ARCHIVE.

But in addition to throwing darts against the government of Boris Johnson, Van Morrison lashes out at scientists and celebrities. In this way, it refers to an alleged conspiracy theory that he would argue that the scientific community (specifically, the experts at Imperial College London) is “inventing devious facts” and includes criticism of the “famous” whom he reproaches “for telling us what we are supposed to feel”.

“I’m not telling people what to do or what to think, the government is already doing a great job with that. It’s about freedom of choice; I think citizens should have the right to think for themselves“, the musician is justified in a statement.

In addition to the aforementioned song, the singer will also release two other new songs, Born To Be Free and As I Walked Out, which is expected to perform at the London Palladium on the 25th.

Van Morrison’s message comes at a time when this country has a total of 41,705 deaths from Covid-19 Since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data released by the British Ministry of Health, although other figures published by statistical agencies point out that deaths from the virus have now reached 57,500.

Before him increase in the number of daily infections registered in the country, 3,395 new cases were counted last Thursday, the conservative government of Boris Johnson introduced new restriction rules in parts of northeast England.