Van den Brom denounces the image of departure ‘as a thief in the night’ near Utrecht

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John van den Brom thinks his surprising switch from FC Utrecht to KRC Genk is the best solution for all parties. However, the trainer is disappointed by the question marks about the timing of his departure.

Hake hopes to be appointed as head coach

Van den Brom signed a contract for three seasons with Genk in Belgium on Saturday, one day before the home game against Ajax (0-3 loss), which was loaded for FC Utrecht, was scheduled. The departure came so suddenly that he could not even say goodbye to the group.

The ball only started rolling after the 4-1 lost away game against Heracles Almelo last weekend, the 54-year-old trainer emphasizes against The Telegraph. “But now so many stories are being brought into the world. And it seems as if I left like a thief in the night. I’m really done with that.”

Although Van den Brom is happy with his transition to the current number four in Belgium, he is surprised that Utrecht let him go so easily. “They said almost immediately that it was negotiable. In the conversation with Jordy (Zuidam, technical director, ed.) It turned out very quickly that he was open to it.”

With Utrecht, Van den Brom was unable to live up to the high expectations this season and as a result, he did not seem to be so firmly in the saddle anymore. “If you feel that you no longer enjoy 100 percent confidence, you have to make choices. You can feel that. How not to have studied for that.”

After the departure of Van den Brom, René Hake was put forward as ultimately responsible. Admittedly on an ad interim basis, but if it is up to the trainer, a definitive appointment will follow quickly.

“They are exploring multiple options and I think I’m one of the candidates,” Hake said FOX Sports after the loss against Ajax. “If I have the choice, I would really like it.”

If Utrecht teams up with another candidate, Hake will not draw any consequences. “Then I will just continue in a different role here”, he refers to his position as trainer of Jong Utrecht.

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