Van Ark states that the contraceptive pill can be returned to the original package in the new cabinet.

Tamara van Ark (Medical Care) says that a new cabinet will need to decide whether the contraceptive pill should be returned to the basic package of health insurance. Just before the elections, in February, the House of Representatives passed the PvdA motion, which allowed the return of the contraceptive pill to the basic package.

Van Ark deferring his decision is absurd, according to the supporters. SP MP Maarten Hijink said that the return to the basic package would only affect the health insurance premium. He feels it unfair that the cost of the basic package is now fully borne for women. A reimbursement could also mean fewer unwanted pregnancies, and thus fewer abortions. The House of Representatives, however, is not like the cabinet.

Van Ark said that it was about costs, which are estimated at 25-60 million euros. He also stressed the importance of prioritizing. The House of Representatives does not specify what costs are to be covered. The minister doesn’t consider himself or the outgoing cabinet capable of making that assessment right now.

Van Ark stated that he wasn’t in favor of the Pill in the Basic Package because it was not a medical necessity to what the Basic Package is meant for. She stated that if the House wanted to continue the collective financing of the pills, it would not do so via the basic package. She was joined by her VVD, CDA PVV, PVV, and SGP who voted against this motion at the start of the year. They had together 74 seats, but now they have 69. The new parties’ position is still not known.

In 2011, the pill was removed from most women’s basic insurance. In 2011, the majority of women’s basic insurance stopped covering the pill. Since then, the full cost of the pills has been reimbursed to girls who are under 18 years old. The same applies between 18 and 21 years old, but the costs are subtracted from the deductible. Women must either pay it or get additional insurance after 21.



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