Valtteri Bottas drove fifth in the Monza GP over the weekend. The Finnish driver had another difficulty at the start, where he dropped several places down.

According to Bottas, changes have been made to the operating model of what he needs to do before the lights go out. The reforms have not gone as smoothly as a Finnish driver would have liked, which is the reason for the weak starts.

– I had a problem reacting to the lights. We’ve played with the way we do start-ups and the way we do it (start), Bottas said. According to

– We changed it a bit and I feel that there has been a disturbance in the right starts. They haven’t been fully representative of the right starts, but I can’t go into this further details.

The problems at the start are not new to the Mercedes driver. The departure of Bottas in the Hungarian GP in particular has been remembered.

At the Hungaroring, Bottas reacted to the light on his steering wheel and took off as if starting off. His car went into anti-stall mode, and the start had to be done completely again.

According to the Finnish driver, the situation in Monza was similar to that in Hungary, but not as bad.

– I meant to go cheap again because of the lights, but not as badly as in the previous race. The start was even a little late for me.

– There are still things to grind. We’ve done a good job of getting the car almost self-propelled when you lift the clutch. That share works and we have developed well. However, we need to get smoothness in responding to the start lights.

The F1 circus will continue next weekend in Italy on the Mugello track.