Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas recently told Instagram how he travels by private plane to the Games. Naturally, Finns have a partner in flight business.

Bottas has a home in Monaco. He has said in the past that the nearest airport can be found in Nice, a 30-minute drive from the F1-star home.

During the formula season, there is now a small respite from September 14 to September 20. If you wanted to fly a private plane from Nice to Helsinki and back during this period, it would cost an ordinary street user 28,000–50,000 euros. Prices from are folded on five-seater planes where a stopover may be necessary.

– At the top of the price accordion, the planes can accommodate more people and they fly directly. Staying for many nights at a destination always raises the price of the flight, Jetflite CEO Elina Karjalainen says.

Operators usually always sell the whole machine, not tickets. The price per person therefore depends on the number of passengers.

A one-to-two-day Helsinki – Nice – Helsinki gig on Jetflite’s 18-seat Challenger would cost just under 40,000 euros. That is, if the machine is full, it would make 2,000 euros per knob.

If, on the other hand, you wanted to pop in from Helsinki, for example, in a private plane, it would cost at least 25,000 euros on a small plane. The price of larger machines can be doubling more.

– For one-way flights, you can get even a bigger plane during the cheaper season, when the plane can stay in London to wait for the next passengers. Such flights, which are sold in one direction, are quite common in Europe, Karjalainen says.

However, in peripheral areas of Europe, such as Finland, operators are often reluctant to take the risk that an aircraft should fly back empty.


The F1 season is usually kicked off in Melbourne, Australia in mid-March.

If you want to fly from Nice to a possible opening race next season and back, you should add almost zero to European prices.

– From Nice to Melbourne and back to Nice, there are already well over € 200,000. The journey is so long that the flight requires a certain type of long-haul plane, Karjalainen says.

In addition to distance, flight prices are affected by aircraft type, number of stopovers, time, time, number of days spent at the destination, passenger fees or taxes, which can sometimes be really high.

On private flights, catering is often in place.

– Catering is included in the price and is planned according to the length of the flight and the number of passengers. Larger machines can serve a full dinner, but smaller ones serve sandwiches or the like due to lack of space.