Valtteri Bottas’ second victory of the season tasted good to Finns. After the race, the Finn got to click on his critics, but Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehdo thinks he could have left it off.

Bottas rained on the team radio a familiar message from last year after his victory.

– Who is involved, Smell v * ttu.

Bottas has received spiky feedback in places as he froze badly at the feet of his teammate Lewis Hamilton in this season’s championship battle. Bottas has driven well, but the British driver has repeatedly been one step ahead in the long run.

Before Sunday’s race, Bottas did a rare trick when he gave his own counterpart on Instagram to a user who criticized him.

– I don’t care what you think. I believe. If I thought like you, I wouldn’t have had any chances in my career, Bottas fired an opponent.

After the race, Bottas said he directed his eruption to commentators like this.

– Honestly, I do not understand those who have a need to criticize other people. Some tell me I shouldn’t even try, but should give up in favor. But you know what I’m like. My message was addressed to them, Bottas told RaceFans.

You can’t win on the internet

Järvilehto understands Bota. Fans know how to be really disgusting at their most nasty.

The older generation formula star has good advice for Bottas. Don’t listen.

– Valtteri does not win anything by starting to fight people on the Internet.

Even the interview on a team radio message is not the smartest of them all.

– Someone will always turn things like this against you. There are always offenders. It’s not worth showing them that they’ve gotten inside your head.