Valtteri Bottas amused fans – all the news from Formula 1 2020

It is reliably known about Valtteri Bottas that he loves coffee, like all Finns, and in his free time he can afford a glass or two of beer, which is also typical for most of his compatriots. But it seems that until recently he did not particularly advertise his interest in quality wines – perhaps he was simply not asked about it.

However, for example, a couple of months ago, while communicating with the fans via Twitter, Valtteri answered one of them, who asked why, during the awards ceremony on the podium, he does not immediately start splashing champagne, but first he will definitely take a long sip: “I always thought, that champagne is such a glorious drink that it is simply a pity to translate it. So first I take at least a sip … It just gives me pleasure. “

But today Valtteri posted a photo on his pages on social networks that caused a lot of cheerful comments from fans.

On it we see the Finnish Mercedes driver against the background of a whole barricade of crates with very expensive French wines. It is clear that he can afford a lot, but to imagine the price level, one can give an example: in our market one bottle of wines of this category will cost at least five to six thousand. And then there are as many as 80 boxes!

The caption to the picture can be translated as “The mood for this weekend. I hope you are doing it well too! “

Now about the fans’ comments.

“There is still a lot of time before the next race to get rid of the hangover!” – writes one.

“Will such a modest supply be enough for you?” – echoes another.

“Did you decide to stock up on Christmas?” – the third develops the topic.

Some connoisseur decided to study the inscriptions on the boxes in more detail, drew attention to a certain specific wine and praised Valtteri for a good choice.

Box, box, box! – one of the “commentators” joked well. Just in case, it is worth recalling that this is how racing engineers call racers into the pits.

And a certain fan from Finland, who knows the habits of his fellow countrymen well, wrote: “It is quite typical for those who return from a cruise to Tallinn.” The fact is that in Estonia alcohol is much cheaper than in a neighboring country, and the Finns regularly go there to replenish their pantries, and buy drinks of varying strengths precisely in boxes.

However, Valtteri, clearly anticipating such a reaction from the public, may have just decided to amuse the fans a little, but in fact the picture was taken, for example, in some wine museum or wine boutique. Or are they just such boxes, and the content in them can be anything.



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