The Tuscan GP saw one of the most special mass crashes of the F1 series in the next few years, with cars rumbling with each other at the start of the restart.

The safety car collected the hose in a pile as a result of crashes in the opening round. After the safety car left after a few laps, the race was driven Valtteri Bottas in front of his nose, the Finn slowed, collecting the hose in a pile.

With Bottas pounding to the bottom of the accelerator pedal, he was still on his way to the opening bend behind his rumble. Antonio Giovinazzi rushed Kevin Magnussen after, Carlos Sainzin following suit. Also Nicholas latifi was involved in the same field. Magnussen’s Haas progressed much more slowly than the outgoing games of the colleagues who accelerated behind, triggering a series of events that produced junk.

The video of the situation released by the F1 series is wildly watchable. Scrap was created when cars partially climbed on top of each other and bounced along the starting line. Fortunately, everyone survived the situation with sheer fright.

– The crash was really scary. The pace at that point was 290-300 kilometers per hour. When I saw it all, it was too late, Sainz said, according to Autosport.

“Bottas innocent”

The most hasty shouters blamed the top man Bota for what happened. They think the top man waited too long to depress the accelerator pedal. As a result, a sump was born behind.

Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehdon according to the Finn did nothing wrong in the situation.

– This was by no means Valtter’s fault. He played the situation behind the safety car perfectly right. The rules gave him the opportunity he used.

According to Järvilhto, Bottas’ solution was tactically correct. Opening the faucet earlier would have rained right behind the tip Lewis Hamilton wounds.

– In that situation, Lewis would have received a huge suction aid for the number one bend.

According to Järvilhto, there is a place for the impatient of the stern to look in the mirror.

– The distances were big, no order. The rearmost cars didn’t even know what the tip was doing. Then someone guessed the start, like now Giovinazzi. Then it happened, Järvilehto states.

The video above adds to the aftermath of the eventful competition. And what thoughts did the second railing out in Järvilhto evoke?