Valérie Pécresse announces her candidacy for the presidential election

“I am running for Presidency of Republic to restore French pride.” I can no longer bear that we speak instead of acting”, affirms Valérie Pécresse, in an interview granted to the daily Le Figaro. Former LR, president and founder of the Libres movement. Also, must speak at 20 hours of the TF1 meeting on Thursday, July 22.

In an interview posted online on Thursday, the president from the Ile-de-France Region stated that “We must stop with 10 years worth of bad choices, half-measures or indecision and eventually the collapse of this country.”

After a five-year term with very few reforms, the Elysee candidate says she would prefer to “do rather that seek to please”. She also wants to “put order in the country”.

After having beaten her opponents to the regional ones, Valérie Pécresse aims for the Élysée

“France must make a fresh start in 2022.” This summer, I will travel the country to meet the French to enrich my project,” says Valérie Pécresse.

She was reelected at the head Ile-de-France in June. After her counterpart from Hauts-de-France at the end March, Xavier Bertrand is the second ex-LR candidate to announce her candidacy.

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Valérie Pécresse, for whom a “very wide open” primary remains the “only democratic solution” to bring out a candidate on the right, had already promised to “make his voice heard” during the summer. She said, “The time for women is now.” Provence July 1st

Valérie Pécresse and four other putative candidates had met in Paris on Tuesday under the auspices of the Republican Party, and had agreed on a “single candidacy” in 2022.

Xavier Bertrand was absent and refuses to take part in a primary. The one who had just won in Hauts de-France had said that he would “not run for a primary” and would be allowed to nominate his candidate for president. On TF1, he stated, “I want the right talents to come together” but that they would have to work together “more broadly”.

Source: AFP, Le Figaro


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