Vålerenga-Hansen’s dream scoring: – Has practiced shooting all week

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(Stabæk-Vålerenga 1-2) They did not impress. But Vålerenga is back on the winning track before the league gold can be secured on Sunday. This was ensured by Sigrid Heien Hansen’s right foot.

Vålerenga lost to city rival Lyn last Saturday and did not get it easy against 1st division winner Stabæk on a deep wet Nadderud mat. The home team ran three quarters of the NM quarterfinals.

– I’m glad we’m not on a pink cloud. Then we could take it easy. We’ve had two tough games and realize that things do not go by themselves. We got it a little “in the face” before Sunday, says the match winner to VG

The favorite from Oslo had to fight with beaks and claws to get the semi-final place home from Bærum. The settlement against Arna-Bjørnar can on Sunday give the Vålerenga women their first title.

– We still have the confidence. These matches do not change that, says Synne Jensen after a second half pressed on the defensive and adds “that we made some moves that we did not quite hit with”. But coach Jack Majgaard Jensen that Vålerenga lowered deep towards his own goal after the break.

– We are in the semifinals and Sunday is most important, says the Dane.

A gem of a score makes the days leading up to the gold match easier anyway.

Sigrid Heien Hansen was left completely unpressurized at 25 meters. Vålerenga’s midfielder squeezed the ball in via the crossbar to a 1-2 lead. Stabæk goalkeeper Sunniva Skoglund could only hear the rush of the projectile’s journey through the rain.

– An insane scoring, says NRK expert Morten Morisbak Skjønsberg.

– They were very delicious. I’ve been practicing shooting all week and I’d decided. With a smooth pitch, it would either be a goal or a return, says the midfielder from Sandane in Nordfjord. She has become a successful 10-year role after the transition from Kolbotn.

– It was just to click. A dream match, smiles the westerner.

The 25-year-old’s full hit came a little towards the game after Stabæk had got the game into its tracks. After burning a double chance together with Thea Loennecken, Justine Kielland equalized for Stabæk. Also that from 25 meters away. The shot went in the direction of Vålerenga stopper Ingibjörg Sigurdardóttir and was judged as an own goal by the match’s fourth referee.


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