Valentijn Drien: ‘KNVB is not willing to take Fraser as its national coach’

Valentijn Driessen revealed Wednesday that the KNVB is not willing to appoint Henk Fraser as Frank de Boer’s successor. Sparta Rotterdam’s coach is now the right-hand of Louis van Gaal. He is the desired new choice lord for the Dutch national soccer team. The KNVB has yet to reach a final agreement regarding the trainer, who was previously connected to Orange twice.

Driessen tells Driessen, “I don’t also understand why the KNVB cares about Louis van Gaal.” Radio Veronica. “To do everything, financially and sportily, to appoint him national coach. You may well appoint Henk. Henk Fraser has performed very well in all he has done. I think he is a great leader among the players.”

“Because people say that he has not worked abroad. However, he is fluent in the language used by players and has a great relationship with them. It’s not a strange suggestion, and I know it was at the KNVB. Driessen stated that Van Gaal was not accepted by the KNVB.

“The fact that they have been busy recording the assistants is to indicate that they are out of touch with Louis van Gaal. They must first meet Fraser’s conditions. “I think that this is because Louis and the KNVB would love to have someone with a colour. Fraser will also need to consider this when deciding whether he should do it. That will be the end of it. Are you then an apology assistant, or not? Driessen wonders aloud.


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