He Real Madrid, who saved a draw in extremis against the Borussia Monchengladbach after trailing 2-0 in the 87th minute, he wasn’t the only one to get scared at Borussia Park.

After the match of the second day of the group stage of the Champions there was a small incident during the television broadcast, which luckily remained an anecdote due to the quick intervention of Jorge Valdano.

The former Argentine footballer and analyst commented on the match on Movistar + with the narrator Jose Sanchís and they got a good scare in full direct. Valdano spoke about the danger that the figure of Zidane 2-0 when a spotlight from the television set fell on them.

Luckily Valdano he intervened putting his arm, so he was able to hold the spotlight until Sanchís and a production member quickly removed it.