USA, pending the response of the Republicans to Trump

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One of the central stories of the irruption of Donald Trump in the politics of the United States and his heterodox presidency has been how he has managed to the entire Republican Party under his control. The submission in four and a half years it has been almost total; the critical, practically non-existent. Conservative politicians across the country and in Washington have been his’enablers‘, those who by action or omission have facilitated their disturbing actions. Now, with the president launched in his assault on democracy, all eyes turn to them.

They turn because Republicans who control the legislative branch in states where the executive is in the hands of Democratic governors, like Michigan, Wisconsin o Pensilvania They could – if they believe the accusations of fraud or illegalities that Trump is launching without evidence – not follow the dictates of the polls favorable to Joe Biden and send their own voters to the electoral college – the body that elects the president. And a decisive step would have been taken towards the constitutional crisis.

That is, for now, only one possibility. And although in the last few hours we have begun to see signs that some Republicans finally decide to break ranks with Trump, it remains to be seen if, as has happened. so many times before, your words will represent only one lukewarm statement complaint to the president or a real break.


After Trump appeared at the White House Thursday to re-launch a diatribe full of lies against the legality of elections whose results are not favorable to him began the rain of complaints. Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey who has been part of Trump’s close circle, said that undermine confidence in the legitimacy of the process electoral is a “bad strategic decision” and one “bad political decision “ that “it is not expected of someone who is in charge.”

The voice of one of the few senators who has dared to break ranks with Trump before was also heard, Mitt Romney. “It is wrong for me to say that the elections have been rigged, corrupted and stolen,” he wrote. “Is weakening the foundations of the republicae recklessly inflaming destructive and dangerous passions“.

Messages of similar harshness came from others senators and congressmen, from governors Y newly elected republicans. And two common threads ran through the unusual wave of denunciation. One was the criticism of Trump for undermining trust in the system and institutions, something that in recent months they have had ample opportunity to report and they haven’t. The other is the Lack of evidence that they sustain the serious accusations of the president.

The elusive McConnell

Much more elusive has been the powerful leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who wrote on Twitter: “Every legal vote must be counted. Not all illegally sent. All parties must be able to observe the process. And the courts are here to enforce the laws and resolve disputes. This is how Americans decide the results.” .

That message reflects all questionable balances that Republicans usually do. Because on the surface it looks like a firm defense of the democratic process, but it includes all language of the false and dangerous narrative that Trump has created. The president is trying to differentiate the face-to-face votes from those cast by mail, more numerous in the pandemic and favorable to Biden. And he questions without proof the perfect legality of the seconds or the transparency of his count, even when there is no information on the irregularities or fraud that he suggests.

The Trump threat

Trump also continues to count on faithful. After his inflammatory statement on Thursday, acolytes such as senators toured televisions Lindsay Graham Y Ted Cruz or the leader of the Republican minority in the Lower House, Kevin McCarthy, shaking off the unproven ghosts of fraud and repeating lies. And when Graham, who announced that he had donated half a million dollars to the fund for legal battles who has opened the president’s campaign, they asked him if Republicans should send voters for Trump even in states where Biden had won, he replied: “Everything must be on the table“.

Support also came from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who called for “fight “and” exhaust all options“, or the South Dakota Kristi Noem, who claimed that Republicans are fighting”rigged electoral systems“But it was in a tuit de Eric Trump where was the most revealing message about the power that the president still has: “Where are the Republicans? Have a little guts. Fight this fraud, “wrote the president’s son.”Our voters will never forget it if you flinch“.



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