USA enters a frenzied end of campaign

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The countdown clock to the presidential elections of November 3 in the United States no longer marks days, but hours. Less than 100 are left for the polls to decide whether Donald Trump is still four more years in the White House or if he returns there, now as president, Joe Biden. The uncertainty and also the tensions they are fired, but they are not the only thing.

In some elections marked by the pandemic of coronavirus, widely interpreted as a referendum on Trump that works as an adrenaline rush, both for and against the president, more than 85 million Americans have already voted by anticipated and by mail, according to the record kept by the US Elections Project. Are the 62% of the total who voted in the 2016 presidential elections. And the first steps towards a record of participation in a century are given firmly.

The Texas landmark

This same friday Tejas announced that more than nine million people have already voted there, more citizens than all those who participated four years ago, who have already beaten one historic mark. Then Trump took the state by nine points but today, according to the Average of Real Clear Politics polls, he is just over two above his Democratic rival. And Trump risks a defeat Republicans don’t suffer in one of its most relevant fiefdoms since in 1976 Jimmy Carter he took the 38 Electoral College Votesl.

The intensity of the fight for every Texan vote was demonstrated by the visit of Biden’s No. 2, Kamala Harris, with three rallies in three cities. And in the disputed duel the Republican Party read much more than a message about Trump. “We are almost in crisis mode“Congressman Dan Crenshaw has acknowledged.” base of the party is very white, very old and rural in a state that is being done younger, more diverse and more urban“It’s the same thing that happens in Arizona, where the vice president spent the day campaigning. Mike Pence.

Frantic agendas

There’s a lot hectic in this final stretch of the campaign and nothing is possibly more so than the candidates’ agenda. This Friday, for example, Biden was hosting three rallies in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In these last two states, and in Michigan, they saw Trump. And it’s just a snack of one final stroke of heart attack.

The President, 74, recovered only a few weeks ago from the coronavirus contagion, has four rallies on saturdayo en Pennsylvania, one of the states that took less than 1% in 2016, where the fight is now fierce and where the Democratic candidate will make his campaign closing on Monday. The Sunday, Trump has planned five rallies in five states different and other five (in four states) the Monday.

Both he and Biden are competing for a mobilization that can be key: the of those who did not vote in 2016, and at the moment they seem to be getting it. According to analysis of TargetSmart data referenced by ‘The New York Times’, a 25% Of the 10 million votes already cast in 14 hinge states are from citizens who did not vote in the last presidential elections. In that early vote and by mail, the advantage, of 14.5%, is for the Democrats, but the expectation is that it will be reduced on the 3rd with the vote in person, which is anticipated more favorable to Trump.

That fact, and the delay that in some states there will be to count the votes that have arrived by mail, also raise the possibility that definitive results are not known on the night of 3. With Trump undermining confidence in the system and in his times, questioning, for example, this Friday a decision of the Supreme court fall nine days to North Carolina for count your votes by mail, fear grows that uncertainty will explode in the form of confrontations.

That fear is already palpable in streets like those of Washington, in whose center businesses have begun to fence in preparation for potential protests. And it feels in decisions like the one made by Walmart, one of the largest department store chains in the country, which “out of precaution” and in the face of “social unrest” has decided remove weapons and ammunition from its shelves (although it does not suspend). In lor what is the year Americans have bought a record 17 million firearms.



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