Donald Trump started a marathon of meetings in three states, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, yesterday with the hope that he will catch up with Joe Biden until the November 3 elections. In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Trump said he was now “immune,” unlike his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, who was forced to “hide in a basement” because of the coronavirus pandemic. The former New York businessman, who constantly portrays 77-year-old Joe Biden as a puppet manipulated by the left wing of the Democratic Party, hinted that Joe Biden could be ill. “If you look at Joe, he was coughing yesterday (Saturday), then he was taking off his mask, then he was coughing,” Trump said. “I don’t know what that means, but the press hasn’t talked much about it.”
What the polls say

But a Washington Post-ABC poll released on Saturday shows that the marathon may be too late: Democrat rival Joe Biden is 12 points ahead of him nationally, two more than last month. Even worse, 49% of those who elected third-party candidates in 2016 joined the former vice president today; only a quarter of them turned to Trump. The former vice president dominates the triplet of states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which gave Trump the victory in extremis in 2016, leads, within the margin of error, in Republican strongholds such as Iowa, has five extra points in Arizona and Florida.

The White House occupier is also losing ground to moderate Republicans. But Trump presents another picture: “I just got an excellent poll from Nevada, where it’s going very well, in addition to the states we’re going to win. Fantastic in Georgia, wonderful signs everywhere. Democrats know it, and they lose their minds. This country has not seen such a spirit for a long, long time. We are ahead of everyone. The Americans, the world, look at us and they can’t believe it, they see things they haven’t seen in decades. “

Trump has publicly summoned the secretary of justice to drag his rival and predecessor, Barack Obama, to court immediately. “The truth is that Obama knew everything, Vice President Biden, as poor in spirit as he is, he knew. They committed an act of treason, they spied on me before and after I won. It is by far the largest political crime in the country’s history. Bill Barr may be the greatest Minister of Justice in history, or some. Depending on what happens. We have to hack them. ” On October 28, 2016, 11 days before the election, Trump, according to opinion polls, was rescued by the announcement of the then FBI Director, Jim Comey, that he would reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged violation of the state secret law. Trump, in a crisis of alternatives, is once again counting on a theatrical coup.