US watches the ‘Havana Syndrome’ in Vienna

The United States will launch an investigation into mysterious health problems that affect at least 20 diplomats and intelligence officers in Vienna.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they were going to investigate possible unexplained health problems among Vienna personnel.

According to US media, Monday’s report said that the complaints had caused staff to be recalled. Austria’s capital is believed to be the only location in the world where a group of these mysterious cases have been identified.

This would be the Havana syndrome. This term was used several years ago to describe inexplicable complaints that US personnel reported from Cuba. Some of those Americans complained of nausea and severe headaches. The US finally decided to bring many workers back from the country.

Later, American diplomats working in China and Russia reported similar incidents. However, it remains unclear whether there were actual attacks or who is responsible. Radiation, which is a type of weapon of electromagnetic field, seems to be the most logical explanation.

Late last year, the BBC reported that the National Academy of Sciences published a report concluding Havana syndrome was caused by “effects of directed radiofrequency energy.” The Guardian has published interviews with victims since then. This month, The Guardian wrote that Russia and possibly China had developed techniques for “brain attacks” with radiation. An American company also developed such a system.

More than 130 CIA, embassies, and other US government officials have similar complaints.



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