The warnings of the two courts have so far remained confidential.

But the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security has made the unusual decision to make them public, in a report released last week on the site.

“There is an explosive cocktail of factors rarely seen in American history, and as has been the case for decades, even centuries,” warns New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) Director Jared Maples, who issued the warning.

Demonstrations across the country in recent months against racist injustice and police violence have been largely peaceful, but some have degenerated into violent clashes – especially between members of the far right and far left.

In addition to these demonstrations, the already strong polarization of the political debate has increased even more due to the economic crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, which has led to millions of layoffs.

Donald Trump – who openly doubts the legitimacy of the election because of the ballot – refused last week to pledge to give up peacefully if he is defeated in the election, and this does not help calm the situation. .

In a note on August 17, DHS warned that political extremists “could mobilize quickly” to organize electoral unrest.

The Department of Homeland Security believes the threat comes mainly from white supremacists and other isolated criminals who have “their own ideology.”