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The Government of the United States it sanctioned the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, General Iraj Masjedi, for their membership in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and five Iranian entities for allegedly trying to influence the US elections on November 3.

The Treasury Department reported the inclusion of Masjedi, a close adviser to the murdered former commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, on his list of people sanctioned “for acting on behalf” of said Iranian military entity.

“In his decades of service with the group (the Revolutionary Guard’s Qods force), Masjedi has overseen a program of training and support for groups of Iraqi militias, and has led or supported groups responsible for attacks that have killed and wounded US and coalition forces in Iraq, “the Treasury said in a statement.

Threats to Iraq

From his position as ambassador to BaghdadThe note adds, Masjedi “has taken the opportunity to hide the financial transfers made for the benefit” of the Revolutionary Guard, a branch of the Armed Forces created four decades ago, after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, to protect the theocratic system.

Masjedi was a close associate of the powerful general of the Revolutionary Guard, Qasem Soleimaní, killed last January in a US targeted bombing in Baghdad, which caused a serious escalation of tension in the region.

“The Iranian regime threatens the security and sovereignty of Iraq by appointing officials of the Revolutionary Guard as ambassadors in the region to carry out its destabilizing foreign agenda, “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denounced in the note.

Elections in the USA

The Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) also announced sanctions against three Iranian entities that “have focused on the electoral process of the United States with blatant attempts to sow discord among the voting population. “

These are two entities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and the Bayan Rasaneh Gostar Institute, which he accuses of “having participated, sponsored, concealed directly or indirectly, or been an accomplice in foreign interference in the presidential election 2020 Americans “.

Likewise, it sanctioned the Islamic Radio and Television Union Iran (IRTVU) and the International Virtual Media Union (IUVM), “for being owned or controlled” by the Revolutionary Guard and for being agents of the Iranian government “disguised as media,” according to the statement.

Fool the voters

The Government of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, also accuses these entities of spreading “disinformation on the internet and carrying out malicious operations to deceive American voters” and subverting the democratic process.

“He Iranian regime uses false narratives and other misleading content to try to influence the US elections, “said Mnuchin, who reiterated that his government is” committed to ensuring the integrity of the electoral system. “

Interference by Iran and Russia

The announcement of these sanctions comes a day after the director of the US National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, warned that Iran and Russia They have obtained information from American voters and trying to interfere in the elections.

“We want to alert the population that we have identified that two foreign actors, Iran and Russia, have taken specific actions to influence public opinion regarding our elections, “Ratcliffe said at an FBI appearance on Wednesday.

According to the director of National Intelligence, both Russia and Iran have accessed data from American voters, and Tehran has already been able to use that data to harm President Trump.



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