US Open – Ivanisevic defends Djokovic: “He shouldn’t have been disqualified”

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Novak Djokovic has a good lawyer. And this one, he slams aces. His name is Goran Ivanisevic. The Croatian, who joined the world No. 1 team this season, defended his player in an interview broadcast by Serbian media on Friday. Sports Club. The 2001 Wimbledon winner considered the decision to disqualify Djokovic after his unintentional throwing the ball at a linesman was disproportionate.

The rules are what they are. It is either a warning or a disqualification. I know some will disagree with what I’m about to say and maybe I’m not objective, but I think they should have given it just a penalty play. We start the second set and it’s settled“, positioned the former player.”Yes, the rules are the rules. But taking all the elements into consideration, the fact that Novak didn’t do this intentionally, the situation with the coronavirus and everything in between, they shouldn’t have made that decision. He shouldn’t have been disqualified.”

I read in several articles that the ball had left at 130 km / h …

A few hours after his disqualification in his round of 16 against Pablo Carreño Busta, on his social networks. “Nole” had taken advantage of this speech to explain that he had not done it on purpose. And Ivanisevic obviously went in this direction. “I’m not going to talk about the Novak case. I am against disqualification in general. Ok, we only have to do this if it’s intentional and you want to hurt someone. But here it was just a simple accident. I read in several articles that the ball had left at 130 km / h … They are crazy, this is bullshit.

Present in the stands on the Arthur-Ashe, Ivanisevic did not see the scene live, which had the effect of increasing the effect of surprise. “It was something shocking. I didn’t see the linesman, but as soon as I heard her moans I understood what had happened. The worst part about it is that Novak was not at all in a state of nervousness. I watched the video 3,877 times and his biggest mistake was not looking in the direction he sent the ball.”

Quickly leaving Flushing Meadows by car to reach his rental house, along with his team, Djokovic had a bad time after this forced withdrawal. The Serb has spent a very long time on his own. “The return home was awful, and at the same time, difficult for it to be any different. He was left all alone for a while. Afterwards, we discussed all that. It is not easy for him. It was a sledgehammer that no one could have predicted.”

I think he’s capable of winning Roland-Garros

The Croatian deplored the treatment reserved for Djokovic, already strongly criticized for his organization of the Adria Tour which had turned into a cluster during his visit to Croatia. “What I find unfortunate is that a lot of people were just waiting for one thing: for him to make a mistake. Many rejoice that a person finds himself in a difficult situation. It is very unhealthy. Some media want to hurt him. I don’t really know why.”

The result is already coming for Djokovic, lined up next week in Rome for the Masters 1000 organized at the Foro Italico. For Ivanisevic, no doubt, the world No. 1 will rebound very quickly. To the point even raising the Coupe des Mousquetaires at Porte d’Auteuil in a month. “Novak is a champion. This will make him even stronger than ever. The best part is that he plays matches quickly. That way, he can forget everything that happened and move on. He must pretend this all happened five years ago. I think he’s capable of winning Roland-Garros.”



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