US Open 2020: Novak Djokovic’s plea to his fans not to threaten the linesman of the pitch

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The number one in the world came out at the crossroads of the fierce virtual harassment that Clark received on his social networks.

Novak Djokovic, world number one, begged his fans on Tuesday not to disturb the linesman Laura Clark on social media, whom he involuntarily hit with a ball last Sunday during his round of 16 match. at the end of the US Open, reckless action that cost him disqualification from the tournament that had him as a wide favorite.

“Dear fans, thank you for your positive messages. Remember also that the linesman who was hit by the ball also needs the support of our community. She has done nothing wrong at all. I ask you to support and take special care of her during this time, “Djokovic posted on his Twitter account.

The 33-year-old Serbian lost last Sunday to Spanish Pablo Carreño Busta by 6-5 in the first set of the match they were cheering on in New York for the round of 16 of the US Open, and after giving up his service he starred in a reaction untimely when, in frustration, he threw the ball back and accidentally hit the linesman in the throat, who immediately fell to the ground.

That reaction led to the historic disqualification of the Serbian, being the first time that it happened to a number one in the world and in a Grand Slam, which also prevented him from going in search of a title that would have allowed him to remain one of the Spanish Rafael Nadal (19) and two of the Swiss Roger Federer (20), being that both did not participate in the US Open.

Djokovic, champion this year in Australia, Dubai and Cincinnati, had won all 26 games he played in 2020 and back in Belgrade, he will prepare for the tour on brick dust that will include the tournaments of Rome and Roland Garros.

This situation left me very sad. From now on, I want us to become stronger, sharing love with everyone, “added Nole, after his fans carried out several attacks on the American linesman Laura Clark through social networks, during the hours after the sanction which resulted in his expulsion from the tournament.

In the last hours, Clark received multiple, sinister threats of Serbian fans on his Instagram account.

His profile on the social network was public and some of Nole’s followers took advantage of his post in tribute to a son who died in 2008 due to an accident on a bicycle.

“Don’t worry, you will soon join him” and “God sees everything” were two of the disgusting comments. Therefore, Clark had to modify her account, which is now only accessible to followers admitted by it.

Other users chose photos in which it promotes a wine brand to accuse it of alcoholic or sick. “Can you drink gallons of alcohol but can’t survive a tennis ball? Bad acting. Scoundrel,” they had written.

Clark, in 2014, had given an interview to a medium called Living Owensboro, in which he confessed that he had already suffered a ball in the face, at 209 kilometers per hour, in Louisville.

“I hadn’t learned the movement technique and it completely broke my lip,” he said.

The woman became interested in tennis in 2007 and in 2009 she had her first tournament as a judge, in Cincinnati.

She had recounted her experience: “The first time you are on a big court is the coolest and most terrifying experience in the whole world. You are shaking so hard and you are sure they can see you shaking. As soon as the game starts, as soon as It’s time to stand up and look down at the court, the nerves disappear, until you make a mistake or your voice becomes high-pitched, ”said Laura.

In addition, he said that per year he traveled to nine tournaments in the United States to fulfill functions.

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