US media over debate: ‘Trump acted like live version of his Twitter feed’

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Now that the dust has settled after the tumultuous presidential debate in the United States, the American media has different views on the conflict between Republics Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

Fox News: ‘Trump scored a resounding victory’

According to CNN it was “by far the worst and most resentful presidential debate in history. (Trump) turned the debate into a derailed ninety-minute metaphor for his presidency. He broke all the rules, tried to bully Joe Biden, and waltzed over Fox moderator Chris Wallace. News left lie after lie as he acted like an excited live version of his trolling Twitter feed. ”

According to the New York Times it was already clear in advance that it would mainly be about Trump himself. “President Trump did during the debate what he has done for the political climate for the past four years. He pushed himself loudly with whole and half truths, leaving his mark on the conversation.”

“An insatiable self-promoter and reality denier, Trump invited viewers to embrace the self-created reality. A happy place for the converts where his administration has been spotless, victory is abundant and the coronavirus has been effectively defeated,” the report said. New York Times in an analysis of the debate.

At the other end of the political spectrum, it’s often on Trump’s hand Fox News proclaimed him the winner of the debate. “It was clear to any reasonable person that President Trump had prepared well and was achieving a resounding victory,” said an op-ed on the Fox News website.

According to the writer, it was the first time that “millions of voters have had a look at Biden for the first time. While President Trump leads our country every day as the tip of the American spear, Biden has mostly locked himself in the basement of his home. “

According to Fox News, Trump finally had the opportunity to ask questions of Biden that the liberal media refuses to ask. “The American people saw that the ultimate political outsider Trump put forward a strong case as to why he deserves another four years in the White House instead of the ultimate Washington swamp animal Joe Biden.”

On Tuesday evening (in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday Dutch time) the first election debate took place in the US. It was anticipated that the debate between US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden would lead to fireworks. What no one foresaw was how toxic and chaotic the meeting between the two rivals would be, concluded our own foreign editor Matthijs le Loux in a debate report on Press on Wednesday morning.

Already in the first minutes, Trump showed that he wanted to upset his opponent by constantly interrupting him, which sparked tensions with both Democratic candidate Biden and Fox News moderator Chris Wallace. “Shut up, man,” Biden said at one point plainly.

The ninety-minute debate degenerated into a series of messy and unprecedented hostile exchanges. “You are the worst president the US has ever had,” Biden told Trump. He fired back: “In 47 months I have achieved more than you have in 47 years.”



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