US maternal mortality rates higher than other developed countries due to childbirth complications.

Maternal mortality rates in the United States have risen by 40% during the pandemic, with 33 women dying for every 100,000 live births. The rate is more than double for black women compared to white women and has steadily increased since at least 2000. The US maternal mortality rate is also higher than that of other wealthy nations such as Germany, France, and Spain. Experts attribute this trend to a combination of factors including racial inequality, relatively low health insurance coverage (especially among low-income individuals), high health insurance costs, and structural problems within the healthcare system. Pregnant women are also at greater risk of contracting serious illness if infected with Covid-19; those living with comorbidities such as obesity or diabetes face an even higher risk of pregnancy complications or death due to lack of adequate access to healthcare services.

Furthermore, many mothers return to work shortly after giving birth without proper postpartum care support which can lead them ignoring early signs of health problems until it’s too late.

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