US: ‘Focused radio waves’ trigger mysterious sickness at embassy in Cuba

The mysterious sickness that was rife amongst workers of the US embassy within the Cuban capital Havana could have been brought on by focused radio waves, a US authorities report concluded on Saturday.

“The signs are according to the consequences of focused radiofrequency radiation,” it stated report that the Nationwide Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medication carried out for the US authorities.

Mysterious complaints have been first reported from Cuba in late 2016. The victims have been diplomats or relations. Finally, 24 topics developed complications, nausea, dizziness and different unexplained signs.

The report is the primary official assertion from Washington for the doable clarification of the illness. To date, the US authorities has remained silent about the reason for the so-called ‘Havana syndrome’, which has led to a lot hypothesis in regards to the mysterious illness.

It was beforehand suspected that the signs could have been brought on by the sounds of crickets.

On account of the illness, the US eliminated a good portion of the embassy personnel from Cuba. Some Cuban diplomats have been additionally expelled and returned to the Caribbean island. The Cuban authorities has all the time denied finishing up sonic assaults on the US embassy.



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