US expelled 8,800 undocumented minors during the pandemic

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The US authorities expelled at least 8,800 undocumented minors who traveled alone to the border with Mexico during the pandemic, figures that until now were unknown and that the Government revealed this Friday in a judicial document, the CBS network reported.

In addition to those 8,800 minors, The US deported another 7,600 members of what authorities call “family units.” and that include from children to the adults who accompany them.

Also, more than 159,000 adults were expelled to their countries of origin, according to CBS.

The U.S. denied asylum to these migrants under a rule that went into effect in March. and it prevents the undocumented from requesting asylum, at the same time that it authorizes immigration agents to expel them immediately without the opportunity for a judge to evaluate their case.

This new directive was approved “in the interest of public health,” according to the text, although groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) consider that it violates Washington’s international obligations on asylum.

The Administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, made that revelation in court documents that it filed in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, with headquarters in San Francisco (California) and with which it seeks to annul the judge’s ruling Dolly Gee of the Los Angeles Federal Court.

That magistrate ruled last week that the Government it cannot hold minors in hotel rooms before expelling them.

During the pandemic, the US Executive has expanded the use of hotels to detain migrant minors, who were previously sent to shelters, while adults went to detention centers while a judge examined their request for asylum.



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