US Elections: Who is Jill Biden, the energetic woman behind the Democratic candidate?

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The former vice president’s wife toured the country campaigning. A professor and doctor of education, she says she will continue teaching if they make it to the White House.

For months, Jill Biden has been traveling non-stop in the United States with a message: only Joe Biden will be able to unite a country divided to the extreme, if he reaches the White House. His energy and upbeat message are appreciated by Democratic voters, but also by some Republicans.

With a vigor that often surpasses that of her husband, who has long limited her campaign trips, the 69-year-old professor visits voters in key states likely to lean toward the Democratic side on Tuesday.

On his campaign trips, he calls on all Americans, “Democrat and Republican, rural and urban” to unite to overcome political divisions, defeat the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis.

“We do not agree on everything, it is not necessary, we can still love and respect each other,” he says, in a speech on the antipodes of Donald Trump’s tirades.

It also shows a more intimate image of her husband, who has received the blows of “unimaginable tragedies” in his life.

Jill Biden especially tells how the former vice president of Barack Obama got the strength to resume his activities in the White House, just days after the death of his son Beau from brain cancer in 2015.

“He learned how to heal a broken family, and in the same way a nation is healed, with love, understanding, small acts of kindness, courage and unwavering hope,” he says, touching on the crises that hit the United States due to the pandemic. and the tensions that accumulate after four years of government of the republican magnate.

Joe and Jill Biden were married in 1977, five years after a first tragedy, when the senator’s first wife and their young daughter were killed in a car accident.

Still children, their two surviving sons, Beau and Hunter, had suggested to their father to marry Jill, recalls Joe Biden in his memoirs, where he wrote: “She gave me back my life.”

“She is the strongest person I know,” he said most recently in a video during the Democratic convention in August.

Jill Biden interrupted her career when she had her daughter, Ashley, in 1981, but then went back to school to get a doctorate in education.

He still teaches at a university from northern Virginia, near Washington, where she wants to continue working even if her husband becomes president.

Not counting Hillary Clinton, who was briefly a senator after her husband’s administration, if Jill Biden became first lady, she would be the first in the United States to pursue her professional career.

Doing so “will forever change the expectations and limitations” of the role, estimates Kate Andersen Brower, author of a book on the history of American first ladies, stressing that “most American women must reconcile professional and family life.” .

Jill Biden was involved in her husband’s campaign from the start. He often repeats a joke at the beginning of his acts: “I am Jill Biden’s husband,” he introduces himself.

Solidly beside her husband, denounced the “slanders” launched by the Trump camp to “distract attention” in relation to recent corruption accusations against Joe and Hunter, the youngest son involved in controversy over his business in China and Ukraine when his father was number two for Barack Obama.


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