The United States is in the throes of an election fever. Accusations flow from right to left and vice versa, usually provoking emotions that darken reason and decency. One of the worrying phenomena of this fierce struggle is the approach of important leaders of the Republican Party to QAnon, a movement that has become known by rolling all sorts of false information and ridiculous theories, but taken for granted by some.

In a series of recently released messages, the Republican National Committee for Congress (NRCC) is trying to induce the idea that members of the Democratic Party are protectors of rapists and pedophiles, Business Insider reveals. One of the targets of this campaign is, for example, Michigan Democratic candidate Jon Hoadley, portrayed as a poet of “pedophile eroticism.” Another Democrat targeted by the same model is Tom Malinowski, a candidate in New Jersey. Former member of the Barack Obama administration and director of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, Malinowski is described as a “top lobbyist for a radical group that opposes the national sex offender registry.”

By erroneously juxtaposing some issues just to validate its discourse, the NRCC is only bowing to the conspiracy theories circulated by QAnon. Or the Republican Party has repeatedly rejected any connection to this far-right movement.

QAnon focuses on the hard-to-believe theory that Trump is fighting a secret group of Satanists and pedophiles, including prominent Democrats, who are determined to remove him from the White House. Moreover, utterly and utterly absurd, his followers claim that Democrats sacrifice children and drink their blood to prolong their lives.

Asked by Business Insider to comment on the attacks on Democrats that appear to have emerged from the QAnon speech, the NRCC declined to comment.

According to Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters for America, QAnon has succeeded in imposing the idea that the United States does have a problem with pedophilia, and the Republican Party is only turning it into a campaign theme.