US Elections: Joe Biden Says He Will Debate With Donald Trump If Doctors Approve

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The Democratic presidential candidate declined to say whether he thinks the next debate, scheduled for October 15, should be done virtually.

Joe Biden said he was willing to go ahead with an in-person debate in the middle of this month “if scientists consider it safe”, despite the fact that President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Speaking to reporters before boarding a flight for a campaign rally in Florida, the Democratic presidential candidate declined to say whether he thinks the next debate, scheduled for October 15, it should be done virtually.

Instead, he stated that “I would attend to science” and that “ if scientists think it’s safe, that the distance is safe, then I think it’s okay. ” Biden and Trump maintained a distance of about three meters (10 feet) from each other during the last debate, although neither of the two wore a mask during the event. Trump tested positive for the coronavirus two days later and is hospitalized at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

Plans for the second debate are in doubt after Trump’s diagnosis, and organizers ahead of time have reported changes for the debate between current Vice President Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris, under which they will have to maintain a distance of 3.6 meters (12 feet) between them, instead of the two meters (seven feet) planned originally.

“In a month we will be able to call my wife Jill our first elected lady.”Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wrote on Twitter in a display of confidence.

The opposition candidate has renounced the attacks and sarcasm against Donald Trump after his positivity to Covid-19 but takes advantage of the forced inactivity of his rival to campaign in person, especially in key states, where your advantage remains within the margin of error.

However, one of the first polls after the first controversial television duel continues to play in his favor. According to a poll by The New York Times-Siena College, former vice president leads 5 points in Florida (47% to 42%) and 7 in Pennsylvania (49% to 42%).

Former Obama number two insists on undecided and moderate Republicans, appealing to the unity of the country, in contrast to Trump’s divisive campaign: “I am running as a Democrat but I will be an American president. Whether they vote for me or against me. I will represent you all. “

“It is time for us to see each other as fellow citizens, who they don’t just live in red or blue statesThey live in the United States of America and love the country. This is who we are and there is nothing we can do if we don’t do it together, “Biden warned.

But the president does not even give up from his military hospital bed, from where he continues to campaign and reassure Americans by tweeting, showing himself in videos or photos while working signing documents.

“I will return soon to resume the electoral campaign from where I left off, I have to finish the job, we still have to make the United States great again,” he explains in a clip, relaunching his motto.

Source AFP and EFE



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