US Elections: “Getting Sick Was A Blessing From God,” Trump Says About Coronavirus

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Back in the Oval Office, he estimated that the disease allowed him to try the cure. “I think it was a blessing from God to have contracted it.”

For Donald Trump, having contracted the new coronavirus disease is a blessing from God”.

Trump returned to the Oval Office on Wednesday, authorities said, less than a week after testing positive for covid, an illness that left him hospitalized for three days. Centro Walter Reed, a highly complex military hospital, where presidents are treated.

The president has had no symptoms of Covid-19 for more than 24 hours and has been fever-free for more than four days, said his doctor, Sean Conley. And the theory is the exclusive treatment and still under trial that he received even before being transferred to the hospital: it is monoclonal antibodies from the firm Regeneron.

In a video message Wednesday, Trump said that all Americans should have access to the treatments they gave him. A treatment that is not yet marketed because it is not authorized and it is also highly expensive.

Trump also promised to provide the drugs produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals for free.

He said the cocktail of experimental antibodies they gave him last week was a cure more than a therapeutic measure, adding that hundreds of thousands of doses were almost ready. But federal regulators have not approved Regeneron’s drugs.

“This was a blessing in disguise. I caught it, heard about this drug, said to let me take it and It was incredible“he said, adding that he would seek emergency use authorizations for the drugs.

President Trump renewed his attacks on China, telling Americans, “You are not going to pay for it. It was not your fault that this happened. It was China’s fault. And China is going to pay a high price. Guilt.”

Trump has recognized that although the treatment to which he was subjected over the weekend at the Walter Reed military hospital is in an experimental phase, he considers it to be a “cure”, since “24 hours after” being admitted. it felt “very good”.

“That’s what I want for everyone. I want everyone to receive the same deal than your president because I feel very good. I feel perfect. I think it has been a blessing from God having contracted it, a blessing from heaven, “said Trump during a recording broadcast on social networks that was scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday.

“I got sick, I heard about this medicine. I said, ‘let me take it.’ That was my suggestion and the good work was amazing. I want for you what I had and I’m going to do it for free, they won’t have to pay for it. “

During the three nights that he was admitted to the Walter Reed military medical center, the US president took, as defined by the White House spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnan, a “cocktail” of Regeneron antibodies, a treatment from the pharmaceutical company of the same name. , which is currently in phase 3 of experimentation.

Trump, who has broken the isolation by returning to the Oval Office on Wednesday, also announced that talks with many companies that are working on a vaccine against COVID-19 are well advanced and hopes that it can be ready “very soon”, even “sooner. of the elections “.

“I think we should have a vaccine before the elections, but frankly, politics gets involved and it’s okay. They want to play their games, it will be right after the elections, but we did it. No one else. No one else could have done it.” has assured.




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