Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump has told allies in recent days that he does not intend to acknowledge his defeat by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, even though he is defeated in the key states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, without which he can stay at the White House, CNN reveals.

According to CNN, Trump’s allies are increasingly concerned that one of them will have to make it clear to the incumbent president that his term could be coming to an end.

They have not yet decided who will do this.

According to some sources, Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump would give this bad news to Trump.

Donald Trump lost the lead in the two vital ones for his chances, namely Pennsylvania, where Biden leads with 6,700 votes, and Georgia, where Biden has over 1,000 votes ahead. Although there are still votes to be counted, especially in the first state, Biden is distancing himself and getting closer and closer to victory, on the third attempt to reach the White House.