U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday continued to claim that the presidential election was rigged, and the Republican Party formally demanded a 14-day postponement of certification of the result of the vote in Michigan for an audit in Wayne County, which includes Detroit. , where voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

Two weeks after Joe Biden was declared president-elect, Republican Trump has refused to acknowledge his defeat and is trying to invalidate or change the results, through lawsuits and vote counts in several key states. His campaign did not provide evidence for his allegations of widespread, coordinated election fraud.

On Saturday, the Republican National Committee and the Michigan Republican Party sent a letter to the vote evaluation committee asking them to postpone the certification for 14 days to allow the audit of votes in County County, which includes Detroit, where the population most of the color.

The letter calls for verification of all votes in the county, referring to “irregularities” that were not taken into account.

Two prominent Republican lawmakers in Michigan, who went to the White House on Friday to meet with Trump at his invitation, said they had no information that would change the outcome of the election in that state.

“As leaders of the legislature, we will abide by the law and follow the normal process for Michigan voters,” Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Leader Lee Chatfield said in a joint statement.

Trump said Saturday that the press misinterprets the statement, in which the two also said that they trust the evaluation of the Michigan electoral process.

Trump wrote on Twitter: “Massive voting fraud will be shown.”

Trump’s efforts so far, which his critics say is unprecedented for an incumbent president to undermine the will of voters, have so far had little success in court or on the ground.

A manual count and an audit of Georgia’s votes confirmed that Biden won in that state, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Friday.

The Trump campaign has two days to request a recount of votes in Georgia. The president’s legal team has already announced that it will file a lawsuit in this state, but did not provide details.

The latest tactic of the Trump campaign is to try to persuade lawmakers in key Republican-controlled states to ignore the results and declare Trump the winner, three people close to the situation said.

Efforts in this regard are concentrated in Michigan, but Trump would need to reverse the outcome of the vote in other states to overtake Biden in the Electoral College.

Such an event would be unprecedented in the modern history of the United States.

The strategy to challenge the result is changing as Donald Trump’s team adopts “a long-term political gambit,” the BBC writes.

But will this strategy be successful? According to the quoted source, it is not impossible, but the chances are very, very small. First of all, Donald Trump must turn the result around in several states, where Joe Biden won the election by a margin of tens of thousands of votes or even hundreds of thousands. However, the BBC recalls that the situation of the 2000 elections, when everything depended on a single state, Florida, is not repeated. The BBC has outlined a possible action plan:

– blocking the process of certifying the vote in as many states as possible, either through lawsuits or by encouraging Republican officials to object;

– encouraging officials in Republican-controlled states, but won by Biden to the limit, to reject the results of the popular vote as invalid or to accuse major frauds;

= persuade constituency voters to change the popular vote and cast their vote for Trump, instead of Biden, by December 14; this strategy is needed in several states – such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – to take Trump from 232 voters to more than 269 to win the election.

-even the annulment of some of the 306 votes could work, because then elections could be decided in his favor in the House of Representatives, where – although controlled by Democrats – Trump could win by little-known rules.

Some groups counter with their own lawsuits

On Friday, a group of African-American voters in Detroit and a voting rights organization filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Trump and his campaign of violating a 1965 voting rights law by falsely alleging voter fraud. and trying to overturn the results in Michigan and other states by pressuring officials not to count or certify votes, or to nominate pro-Trump voters.

“To implement this strategy, the defendants are openly seeking to deprive African-American voters of their voting rights, including voters in Detroit, Michigan,” the complaint reads. More than 78 percent of Detroit residents are African American, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Detroit attorneys also asked a judge to rebuke Trump’s campaign for spreading “misinformation” in a court order requesting Wayne County election certification.